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Wholesale Herbal Incense

Large Orders Packaged or Bulk Accepted

C.O.D. Orders / Wire Transfers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dreamz / Fligh Products Compliant in my state?

Yes! All products on our site are compliant in all states. We use only compliant ingredients.

Lab Report Included?

Yes. Our products do come with compliant report. All ingredients compliant Worldwide!

Do you offer samples?

We do not offer free samples. We have sample packs and individual products on our store page for small orders.

Overnight Shipping Available?

Yes. For additional fee we can overnight your package.


What is a C.O.D. ?

Shipping a package collect on delivery (C.O.D.) with UPS is simple. It is an appropriate service for the receiver who would rather make a payment when they receive the item.

Planet of the Herbs aims at expanding your business by providing high quality wholesale herbal incense & potpourri products. Dealing with us ends up with huge profit margins and long term benefits for you. Increase your company revenue and give us a chance to better serve and grow the authentic herbal Incense customer base of your business. We have a dominating online presence with the latest tools for promotions. Most of all, our tested and verified quality herbal  products speaks for themself. These aromatic scents are so unique and smooth, that consumers long to enjoy the best selling herbal incense and potent potpourri time and time again. Our products retain their original quality and create happy customers daily. 

20+ Products!
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Price Sheet

150 Units – 15 Aromas Mix 1.5 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $450.00

500 UNITS – 15 AROMAS MIX 1.5 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $1,100.00

500 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $2,000.00

500 Units – 5 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each FLIGH
Sale Price: $2,200.00

1000 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 1.5 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $1,900.00

1000 Units –  15 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $3,800.00

1000 Units – 5 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each FLIGH 
Sale Price: $4,000.00

1000 Grams Bulk Unpackaged Product DREAMZ
Sale Price: $800.00

5000 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 1.5 Gram Each DREAMZ 
Sale Price:$8,000.00

5000 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each DREAMZ 
Sale Price: $15,000.00

5000 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each FLIGH
Sale Price: $17,000.00

Why Become Distributor with Planet of The Herbs?

  • Price

We strive to bring you the very best price we can offer, which means more profit for you. Our prices are lower then all competition with comparable products, and that is a simple fact. We will not raise prices on products after you begin purchasing them, and there is no hidden fees. Shipping is free.

  • Quality

Every blend we offer has been hand chosen because of its quality. All blends we carry or will ever carry are the very best we can find. All products we feature are premium blends of the finest herbs from all over the world.

  • Legality

We understand that it is very frustrating in this business to keep track of new laws and regulations. All of our products are all natural and 50 state legal. We will never sell you any products that are not legal to sell, and you will be notified as soon as we hear of a new law that effects you.

  • Variety

We carry a wide variety of herbal incenses for any situation, demographic, and need. We are always growing our selection, and you will be notified and receive samples whenever we pick up something new! Give your customers what they want, with Planet of the Herbs!

  • Customer Service

Our wholesale reps are always willing to help if you have any questions or concerns.  

ORDER TODAY! 877-722-6362

Our mission is to supply top-quality, powerful and legal herbal incense to wholesale customers and retail stores across the world. When you choose wholesale herbal incense & potpourri, be sure to look at the ingredients used, it should only include legal ingredients assuring that you are buying only legal herbal products. Our product lines come with current compliant reports. Become an everlasting business partner today!




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