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15pack-3gr45 Grams – 15 Pack Herbal Incense


15 Different Packages | 45 Grams Total

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Product Included: Gorilla Grape,Vanilla, Space, Blueberry, Strawberry, Mango Kush, Ripped, Mean Green, Fried Monkey, Bubble Gum, Pineapple Express, Pina Colada, Original, Melon, Hyponotic

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Our Herbal spice incense online store offers a wide choice of legal incense potpourri for the widest range of aromatic and smoking experiences. We have the best legal spice selection of any online herbal spice incense site, and our herbal spice blends are all guaranteed to be 100% USA Legal Incense Blends. The pleasing flavor and aroma of herbal spice blends from our online shop will stimulate your senses and make your worries and cares just melt away and dissolve in the powerful aromatic fumes of herbal spice incense.

You can find some of the best herbal incense blends on our website here.  We offer a variety of herbal spice selection on our online store and our herbal spice blends are all extracted from natural and organic herbs. We understand your aromatic needs for high-quality, potent herbal spice blends while maintaining strict client security at all times.  Feel free to place your discreet orders on our safe and secure online store. The spice incense blend you order will arrive in an unmarked plain package, without any labels or clues as to what lies inside.

Not only do we make it our business to help you with safe and secure online shopping experience, we also want to make sure you are totally happy with your product. Our trained and expert professionals blend a wide variety of different herbs and spices in exact proportions to create an end product that is strong, smooth, and potent. Our cheap herbal incense products are completely safe and will not harm your health.

Our Herbal spice incense blends are 100% organic and natural, made from only the strongest and most potent herbs. So, you can relax and unwind with the spice incense blend of your choice from our herbal incense online store. It’s time to order your favorite herbal spice incense from Planet of the Herbs. 

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