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Herbal Incense Blends

The new and fantastic herbal incense blends at Planet of the herbs offer wonderful value for the money you invest.  You can obtain the perfect wholesale packages that include 150 units and 1.5 grams each to begin with.  As you become more familiar with the products here and how well they might go over in any distributive sales you consider; you might want to go up to higher bulk ordering.  You’ll still achieve the same excellent pricing and excellent quality in the end product too.

Long-Term Satisfaction for Distributors and Independent Buyers

Whether or not you are purchasing herbal incense blends for distributor sales or individual satisfaction alike; there is always that profound aromatic experience to be found.  This is perfect for any aroma overall.  If you’d like to purchase these to improve your distribution business then you’ll definitely gain appreciation from your existing customers—and certainly gain new.

The costs that are associated with our wholesale packages are some of the best on the market today as well.  Herbal incense blends provide an extraordinary benefit for buyers in that you get improved aromatic blends at far better prices than anywhere online.  Not only this, but you have a product that is dependable and guaranteed to provide the superior results they are known for.

You can also boost your own distributor business with our products, while at the same time enhancing our name as well.  It is a win-win situation because as our company grows your business will certainly grow as well.  This is often one of the biggest benefits that comes from affiliating yourself with a bigger company.

Aromas and Brands Holding Popularity in Wholesale

Within the wholesale options and herbal incense blends at Planet of the Herbs, the top selling “Fligh Dreamz” mix is available at the lowest market prices anywhere.  Every aroma that you are probably most familiar with can be chosen here as well, in the grams that you prefer.  For example, you can gain the Spice, blueberry, mango, or any other Fligh brand herbal incense at a solid 500 units with discounted pricing.  As always, the preferred quality and well executed aromas are guaranteed through and through.  This is the perfect option for distributors who want to really earn great revenue back.

All in all, anyone who makes a purchase at Planet of the Herbs is getting in on outstanding value with the newest herbal incense blends today.  You’ll never find anything lacking and will always be on the threshold to perfection with any of these herbal products in general.

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